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TEDx speaker and impactful leadership advocate Niki Alexandrou inspires audiences to seek joy through their work, lead with purpose and thrive in their careers. This keynote will energize audiences and will inspire them to grow their professional life in the direction they desire while living their strengths and respecting their true selves. Niki’s words and stories will impact your guests and leaders long after they’ve left the room.

As a finance lawyer with two decades of experience at leading global firms and international organizations (in the UK, the European Union, New York, and Athens) Niki experienced first-hand what it takes to be part of a growing, thriving business with a strong identity and footprint in this world. And how easy it is to lose your own – personal or team – identity in the process. Niki’s coaching work supports businesses to energize their employees and retain top talent and supports professionals to thrive in their careers while steering away from burnout and mental health issues.

She is a leadership coach certified by the US International Coaching Federation (ICF), a regional co-leader for Lean In Network Greece (Athens), and a published contributor to national and international publications. She has been recognized as a powerful advocate for women empowerment and has presented at corporations, universities, and training forums in Greece and abroad. See examples of Niki’s most powerful Keynotes below. 

My journey of self discovery through a strict corporate world

Many women dive into big, glossy, corporate careers with great enthusiasm and ambition. They progress up the corporate ladder and build good lives as they go along. Then, a few years down the line, they find themselves struggling with their new reality; feeling disengaged, demotivated, and in need of support.

In “My journey of self-discovery through a strict corporate world”, I share my own journey through a demanding, international corporate environment and my experiences on discovering my identity, pursuing success, coping with challenges, and juggling career, social enterprise, entrepreneurship, and being a mother of 4. The journey involves some pain, some joy but most of all it involves taking life into your own hands. Because your career progression is nobody’s business but your own.

This keynote is ideal for organizers looking to energize the audience and empower women to lean-in to their careers, discover their leadership style, and thrive.

Perfection BS

We are all so consumed with perfection. Seeking perfection as a means to success, seeking success as a means to happiness. We strive to grow, develop, and evolve while at the same time seek a bigger house, a better car, more money in our accounts. Some people seem to succeed in this, some others never find fulfillment. What differentiates these two sets of people and what are the enablers of success?

In my TEDx-inspired talk Perfection BS” I share stories of perfection and success and some key findings from the latest research on fulfillment. So, what differentiates unhealthy perfection from healthy perfection? It’s the driving power behind our motivation to succeed. If we are driven by love, compassion, self-respect (for our mind, body & soul), respect for others, kindness, joy, then we are bound to succeed. If we are driven by fear of shame, fear of judgment, fear of failure, need, desperation, self-doubt, then we will never feel fulfilled. Giving, connecting and spirituality are key to living a wholesome life. These are also the keys to discovering your true purpose and thriving!

This keynote is ideal for organizers looking to solidify a good corporate culture and encourage the audience to lead a balanced life and steer away from mental health issues and burnout. The keynote will offer a fresh perspective, energize the audience and support an inclusive working environment.

Discover Your Strengths and Step Up To Success

Studies of lastingly successful people indicate that these people have one thing in common: they focus on their strengths and manage around their weaknesses.

In “Discover your strengths and step up to success”, I use my experience as a woman and youth mentor and demonstrate how millennials and older generations are calibrated to gravitate towards failures and weaknesses. In this speech, I will share with you the tools to recalibrate your behaviors for success and focus on the things that energize you and make you more creative.

This keynote is ideal for organizers looking to empower their audience (including female-only audiences), build a healthy corporate culture, and increase engagement and innovation at work.

I met Niki through a collaboration of Accenture and Lean In on matters of gender diversity and empowering women at work. From our very first meetings (held online due to the pandemic) I became aware of a great enthusiasm, energy, professionalism, commitment, and a strong drive for a better, fairer, more inclusive future for all. In this context, Niki’s role was pivotal in establishing the first Accenture Lean In Circle, supporting us from day 1 through guidance, tips, sharing, and encouragement for setting realistic goals. Her strong academic background, international work experience, and human-centered approach make Niki an excellent business partner.

Matthaios S.
Accenture, Marketing & Communications Lead

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