About Niki

Niki is a Leadership Coach, TEDx speaker, published author and mentor. Her mission is to support impact-driven professionals to discover their identity, drive and leadership style so that they can thrive in their careers. She is certified by the US International Coaching Federation (ICF). Niki has presented at corporations, universities, and training forums in Greece and abroad.

Niki is also a Regional Co-Leader for Lean In Network Greece (Athens), a network of Lean In , an international organization empowering women at the workplace.

In her legal career, Niki is qualified as a solicitor in the UK (member of the Law Society of England and Wales) and as a lawyer (“dikigoros”) in Greece (member of Piraeus Bar Association). She practiced international finance as Counsel with leading international law practice Norton Rose Fulbright LLP (Athens, Greece) and Allen & Overy LLP (London and New York). She also worked as a case handler at the European Commission / Directorate General Competition (DG Comp) (Brussels).

In her mentoring work, she supports women through the Greek network of WomenOnTop and youth through the international mentoring network of 100Mentors, where she has been voted by students as a Top Mentor. Niki is also an active volunteer with the Red Cross and an ambassador for food saving NGO Boroume. She also acts as a non-executive board member of a real estate group in Cyprus.

Niki holds a postgraduate certificate on “Sustainable Leadership” from the University of Cambridge, a Master of Laws (LLM) from University College London and a degree (LLB) from University of Bristol.

She lived in London, Brussels, New York, and Cyprus. Eventually, Athens (Greece) won her heart – this is where she now resides with her family. She is Cypriot by nationality and mother to four boisterous boys.

About Niki Alexandrou

OK, so what is beyond the career and accolades? What drives this person? What really motivates them? These are the questions at the back of my mind whenever I meet someone new. So here is a little bit more about me.

My life was marked by something violent – something that took place many years before I was born. On 14 August 1974 to be precise. That was the date when Turkish troops invaded the home of my Greek-Cypriot parents, in Morphou, Cyprus. My mother fled their home with a newborn and a toddler in tow. My father joined the military that same day.

That day marked the beginning of a new life for my parents. A life deeply rooted around two beliefs. “Your strongest asset is your mind. No one can ever deprive you of it”, as my mum used to say. “Our hardships and troubles are but a mere drop in the ocean of hardships and troubles in this world”, my father said. I thus grew up with a real hunger for growth and a bit of perspective on the world; on the things that bring people together and the things that tear us apart.

I began my career at the European Union and then worked for leading global law firms around the world. I met my husband, and we quickly became loving companions to our lives journeys. Somewhere along the way, we welcomed our firstborn, Alexandros, into our lives, and in the years that follow his three brothers, Petros, Aris and Leon. During this time, I continued to learn and grow, accumulating vast experience on personal development, management skills, and navigating the pitfalls of the corporate world along the way. Until the day when I was hit by a bus.

Well, I wasn’t hit by a bus literally, but rather metaphorically. One sunny summer morning, while on holiday, I found myself unable to get out of bed. I felt like the last few years had been a real struggle for me. Caring too much for far too long. Working 20 hour days and neglecting myself. Watching this autoimmune disease or the other have a go at me.  I had Burned Out! 

Recovering from burnout was a slow and enriching process for me. I dived into the arms and smiles of my loved ones, used spiritual guidance, and went through a lot of good self-help. As the months went by, I silenced the outside noise and started listening to my soul. I said YES to everything that I thought I would enjoy, and NO to those I wouldn’t. Every single day I was reminded of how grateful I should be for everything that I am. 

I eventually crystallized a new vision and hired a great coach.

My call came that sunny summer morning. I am now a Leadership Coach myself and coach impact-driven people to discover their inner strength so that they can go on and lead in their careers and their lives. Our life journey does not have to be painful. In fact, it is meant to be filled with joy, love, and self-discovery. It is only the blessed few that discover this early on in their journeys.

Thank you for listening to my story.
I’d love to hear yours!